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What’s a News Decoder Club?

News Decoder Clubs are independent student-led engagements with access to ND learning resources and events. Club members are subscribed to the News Decoder platform and receive access to our publishing resources, E-Learning courses, webinar archive and self-guided “how to produce a global webinar” toolkit. Club members are eligible to submit stories to our twice-yearly storytelling contest and are featured on our website. Requires a club leader or faculty sponsor to facilitate enrollment process.

Why should you start a News Decoder Club on your campus?

ND Clubs aim to connect youth across the world through journalism. Our Club activities align with the internationally-recognized global citizenship education competencies, including critical thinking, respect for diversity and conflict resolution. Through our Club curriculum, students hone valuable communication and leadership skills. 

How do News Decoder Clubs work?

Clubs meet independently, usually once per month. News Decoder sends monthly newsletters with suggested Club activities, including a series called Critical Conversations, which pairs recent articles with conversation prompts. We aim to get youth engaging in conversations that matter.

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Join our global Club network

Schools pay an annual fee to access our exclusive Club resources. News Decoder is committed to extending the diversity of our academic network by partnering with public and private schools in all parts of the world. We recognize that our fees may stretch the means of some schools and offer financial aid options. Please complete the contact form below for details. 

Looking for more? Click here for information about our more extensive programs, including our full All-Campus membership.

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