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Writing & Media Tips

News Decoder publishes content by experienced journalists, as well as student writers and reporters. Do you have a story idea but don’t know where to start? Follow these tips for guidance on creating a great story — in any medium.


Climate Journalism Shorts

Climate Journalism Shorts is a video series sharing guidance and tips from professional journalists on how to develop compelling climate-focused media. Hosted by News Decoder’s Stefani Aleksandrova and produced as part of The Writing’s on the Wall climate education project.

What Makes a Good Climate Change Story?

Podcast Bootcamp

Learn the essential steps to make your own podcast alongside international students in this podcast bootcamp led by journalists from and News Decoder’s Nicole DiSante.

Lesson 1: Why Make a Podcast?

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Lesson 2: How to Conduct a Great Interview

Lesson 3: How to Record a Podcast – Technical Skills

Lesson 4. Learn Storytelling Techniques

Lesson 5: Writing a Script

Lesson 6: Consent and Deep Listening

Lesson 7: Why Do You Make Podcasts? An Interview

Be Heard

Now that you’ve gathered inspiration, we want to hear your stories!

Youth under 25 years old from any country are invited to submit an original story to News Decoder. Submissions can be in any form (reported articles, personal reflections, interviews, creative writing) and in any format (written stories, podcasts, photo essays, video — or a multimedia combination).

Please note that submitting a story does not guarantee you’ll be published. News Decoder maintains the highest editorial standards. Be sure your story is balanced, authoritative, compelling and relevant for a global audience.

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