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Helping students combat climate change through journalism, activism and art

The Writing’s on the Wall (WoW) is a joint project of News Decoder and the Climate Academy at the European School Brussels II that will create innovative resources and strategies for schools across Europe and the world to integrate climate science into their teaching.

Funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program, the project addresses the lack of resources and limited strategies for schools to integrate climate change education into teaching by offering students and educators the opportunity to participate in a fun, fact-focused initiative combining activism, journalism and art.

WoW is aimed at secondary school students and educators. It is particularly appropriate for students aged 15 to 18, although the concepts and resources can be adapted to younger or older students too.

From October 2022 to July 2023, participating schools can access thought-provoking workshops on climate issues, interactive webinars with experts, professional development for educators and student training in journalism and multimedia, including a storytelling competition. All project materials are available at:

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ECOLOGUES: A conversation series about the climate emergency

News Decoder, The American Library in Paris and the Climate Academy at the European School Brussels II are delighted to announce Ecologues, a series of six interactive webinars featuring experts on various aspects of the environmental crisis. Conversations will be hybrid, taking place in person at the American Library in Paris and online. Though participants are encouraged to join all six sessions for a holistic overview, the discrete and diverse nature of topics will allow audience members to attend based on interest.

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Ecologues Educational Resources:

Elevate your classroom climate activities!

Lecture materials, class debates, discussion topics, activism opportunities, memes to make: visit Ecologues Educational Resources to discover teaching and learning materials accompanied by short videos from the Ecologues events.


A Rough Guide to the Climate Crisis

Matthew Pye, philosophy teacher and founder of the Climate Academy, examines the science and impact of the climate crisis through a psychological, philosophical and sociological lens in a series of entertaining and informative videos and an accompanying textbook. 


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Climate Journalism Shorts

Climate Journalism Shorts is a video series sharing guidance and tips from professional journalists on how to develop compelling climate-focused media.

Climate Decoders 

Experienced climate journalists from News Decoder demystify complex topics like decarbonisation, international cooperation and adaptation. 


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