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News Decoder partners with news, youth media and other nonprofit organizations for special projects, events, content licensing and sponsorships. Contact us to learn more about working together.

Program partners

American Library in Paris Logo

The American Library in Paris was established in 1920 under the auspices of the American Library Association with a core collection of books and periodicals donated by American libraries to United States armed forces personnel serving their allies in World War I. The Library has grown since then into the largest English-language lending library on the European continent. News Decoder partnered with the Library to present the Ecologues climate conversation series, hosted in-person at the Library.


The Climate Academy offers schools and students a radically new, systems-informed approach to climate education. With funding from Erasmus+, News Decoder and the Climate Academy have partnered to develop innovative environmental learning materials that merge science, art and journalism.

Global Youth News Media logo square

Global Youth & News Media, founded in 2018, aims to strengthen the linkages between young people and news media through three kinds of actions: honoring news media that truly serve the young, promoting media literacy through a journalistic prism and amplifying the journalism of young people. News Decoder has partnered with Global Youth & News Media to feature youth storytelling contests and journalism awards.


Voice4you is a nonprofit association based in Sweden that supports schools and teachers in working more actively with media and information literacy and making education more relevant and engaging for the students. Voice4you is the first Swedish initiative to receive funding from Google’s global charity branch Google.org. News Decoder is working with the founders of Voice4you and Mobile Stories on a forthcoming media literacy initiative.

Media partners

The International Congress of Youth Voices news decoder

The International Congress of Youth Voices is a U.S.-based nonprofit that convenes youth writers and activists from around the world at its annual conference, with the aim of enabling them to connect, learn and collaborate. News Decoder nominates student delegates for its conference and publishes content by its writers.

Logo LearningPlanet Alliance 1

News Decoder is a proud member of the LearningPlanet community, an open alliance of educational stakeholders and learning communities with a mission to identify, celebrate, enhance and scale up innovative educational solutions towards sustainable futures.

UNESCO promotes Media and Information Literacy (MIL) and critical thinking & creativity, literacy, intercultural dialogue, citizenship, knowledge and sustainability (CLICKS). News Decoder is a MIL CLICKS space committed to fostering UNESCO’s educational objectives.

Podium.me is a UK-based charity that helps young people produce podcasts. News Decoder and Podium.me have produced joint, student-led podcasts where young reporters interview peers and experts to provide listeners with different perspectives on global issues.

Content licensing partners

Republication for commercial purposes

News Decoder publishes exclusive, authoritative news articles by our correspondents, who have deep experience covering politics, health, climate change, economics, wars, diplomacy, culture and religion. Our correspondents have collectively covered most of the major news events of the past five decades.

We offer content licensing agreements to commercial organizations interested in using our news content to complement their own editorial strategies or to engage an audience.

Learn more about our content licensing policy.


New Issues Online news decoder

Independence Educational Publishers is a Cambridge-based media publisher of books aimed at helping teenagers understand complex issues. News Decoder’s content appears in Issues Online, a market-leading digital resource.

Newsela is an instructional content platform that republishes quality media content at reading levels appropriate for all ages of school children. Millions of students and teachers use Newsela to find and engage with digital content from reputable sources—including the New York Times, National Geographic, Encyclopedia Britannica and News Decoder.

Newstex Logo

Newstex is a leading provider of high-quality news and commentary about emerging trends in business, law, politics, lifestyle, technology and more. Newstex syndicates News Decoder’s news content through a distribution network of information databases and content marketplaces around the world, including LexisNexis, Moody’s Analytics and Thompson Reuters.

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